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Introducing CLEAN AND CALM 
Starter Kit: Only $19.99
Covid 19 has changed EVERYTHING! So we decided to make a STARTER kit including 50ml CBD Hand Sanitizer, 55ml of our signature MIST Spray and 5ml of our
CBD Muscle relief with Arnica OIl to keep you CLEAN AND CALM!
Stay CHILL my friends. This too shall pass!!!

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mudjestic mud

Let's makes things simple and          get back to Mother Earth



All our mud products are made with volcanic ash  found here in the USA.

From volcanic eruptions in the Aleutian mountains in Alaska a gazillion years ago, volcanic ash was dispersed into the air and drifted south to areas in Western United States. This volcanic ash is known as bentonite clay and is gathered to develop a face and body mask known for its natural healing qualities.

For many years, animals have been “soaking” in these clay deposits to heal and detoxify their bodies. 

Natural clay may be a new concept to some of us, but it has been used for thousands of years.  Humans have been using healing clays to promote general health since ancient times.

Cleopatra was known to take mud baths to nourish and revitalize her skin texture, making it smooth, refreshed and young-looking.




The mineral rich volcanic ash clay mask penetrates your skin pores with a powerful absorbency, lessening the appearance of all problem areas.

From your first try, you may feel a natural detoxification of your skin leaving you noticeably FIRMER, SMOOTHER and TIGHTER looking .

For a perfect spa experience, add a couple drops of our 100% essential oil blends to your MUD MASK. 

Your skin will thank you!

And remember, "To be you best, ya gotta get a little dirty!"​



Let's get back to basics, people!

It's time to feel grounded and salute

Mother Earth for giving us so much. 

I am always overwhelmed by the choices offered in the cosmetic aisles. I wasn't convinced by all the promises they were promoting. 

Then I found this fabulous mud mask

product that is simple, clean and actually works. 

So I decided to buy it directly from the maker and hand package every jar for you.

So join the MUD MOVEMENT and remember

" To be your best, ya gotta  get a little dirty!"












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